Personalized Redbubble Shop Review Video

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I've received so many requests to review your Redbubble shops, so I thought I would offer a 10 minute personalized Redbubble Shop Review video for anyone that wants a more in depth review of their shop!☺️This review will help take your Redbubble shop to the next level and give you actionable steps of what you can do to improve your shop. The video you receive will be similar to the style of my "Redbubble Shop Review" videos on Youtube but it will be all about your shop and designs! 


This Redbubble Shop Review video is perfect for you if:

-You've recently started out on Redbubble and want a second opinion on what you've done so far

-You've been on Redbubble for a little while now but haven't gotten any sales (or just a few here and there)

-You're not sure about the quality of your designs and wondering if you should try something new

-You've been on Redbubble for a while and want a fresh set of eye to critique your store/designs


What you will receive with your purchase:

-A 10 minute personalized in depth video of me reviewing your Redbubble shop on camera and I'll send you the file so it's yours to keep forever!

-In the video I will suggest specific improvements and actionable changes you can make to your shop 

-A final summary of my thoughts on your shop/designs at the end of the video 

-Anything else I noticed in your shop that could be the reason why you're not getting as many sales as you want


Once your order has been confirmed, I will send you an email requesting a link to your Redbubble shop so keep an eye out for that once you place your order! You will receive your custom video within one week of purchase. It will be sent to your email address, so make sure you provide a valid email. I can't wait to see your shop!


Due to the digital nature of this product all sales are final.